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Apple cinnamon (pale green): Almond macaron with white chocolate, apple and cinnamon ganache

Beer (pale golden brown w/gold sparkles): Almond macaron with white chocolate beer ganache

Bergamot (light blue): Almond macaron with white chocolate bergamot ganache

Blackcurrant (dark maroon):Almond macaron with tangy white chocolate blackcurrant ganache

Blood orange (pale red): Almond macaron with fresh blood orange buttercream

Blueberry (dark blue): Almond macaron with white chocolate blueberry ganache

Chai (dark pink w/ white logo): Almond macaron with milk chocolate and chai tea ganache

Cherry and chocolate (red): Almond macaron with toasted coconut & sour cherry milk chocolate ganache, with cherry jam centre

Choc chilli (scarlet): Almond macaron with dark chocolate chilli ganache

Choc mint (pale green w/cocoa dusting): Almond macaron with dark chocolate and fresh mint ganache

Choc orange (orange): Almond macaron with dark chocolate orange ganache

Christmas (cream and red): Almond macaron with spiced dark chocolate ganache and fruit mince centre

Coffee (pale brown w/brown cup pattern): Almond macaron with white chocolate and fresh coffee ganache

Double chocolate (chocolate): Almond and cocoa macaron with dark chocolate ganache

Hazelnut chocolate (cream): Hazelnut macaron with dark chocolate ganache

Jasmine tea (white with pink filling): Almond macaron with jasmine tea white chocolate ganache

Lavender and honey (pale purple): Prize winning almond macaron with lavender & honey white chocolate ganache

Lemon (yellow): Almond macaron with lemon buttercream

Lemon myrtle (gold): Almond macaron with white chocolate lemon myrtle ganache

Licorice (white with black filling): Almond macaron with licorice and pernod white chocolate ganache

Matcha green tea (pale green): Almond macaron with green tea white chocolate ganache

Mandarin (pale orange): Almond macaron with fresh mandarin buttercream. Very limited seasonal availability

Passionfruit (yellow and purple): Almond macaron with fresh passionfruit butter cream

Peanut choc caramel (pale yellowy brown): Peanut macaron shell with dark chocolate and salted caramel filling

Pecan bourbon (speckled cream): Pecan macaron shell with dark chocolate bourbon ganache

Pecan maple praline (speckled cream w/pecan piece): Pecan shell with salted caramel filling and pecan maple praline centre

Pink grapefruit (coral): Almond macaron with pink grapefruit buttercream filling

Pistachio & lime (speckled green): Pistachio macaron with fresh lime and white chocolate ganache

Pumpkin pie (pumpkin orange w/spice dusting): Almond macaron with creamy spiced pumpkin pie filling and shortbread disc centre (G)

Raspberry (pale pink): Almond macaron with raspberry, rosewater and white
chocolate ganache

Rose & vanilla (pink with dark pink rose pattern) Almond macaron with rose & vanilla white chocolate ganache

Salted caramel (light brown): Almond macaron with a hint of espresso coffee and salted caramel filling

Strawberry and champagne (pink and white): Almond macaron with strawberry and pink champagne white chocolate ganache

Tropical (white with choc stripes) Coconut & almond macaron with pineapple, passionfruit, lime and vanilla white chocolate ganache

Truffle (speckled cream w/gold leaf): Hazelnut macaron with white chocolate truffle ganache. Very limited seasonal availability

Walnut and whisky (speckled cream w/walnut piece): Organic walnut shell with single malt whisky and milk chocolate ganache


Minimum order 10 of any item except large items. One week's notice required.

Savoury ($3.50 per item)

Minimum 10 of each flavour (except sausage rolls minimum 6)

Mini sausage rolls (our own pork & veal mince with thyme)

Mini Quiche

Mini Galette

Seasonal flavours available,
please ask our friendly staff

Sweet items ($4.00-$5.00 per item)

Minimum 10 of each flavour

Fresh lime tarts $4.50

Vanilla Brulee tarts $4.50

Salted Caramel Banoffee tarts
(Salted caramel, banana filling, topped with cream, and chocolate) $4.50

Strawberry & Rhubarb tart
(Strawberry jam filling, topped with cream, fresh strawberry & rhubarb) $4.50

Vanilla Slice (our own custard filling between 3 layers of freshly made pastry) $5.00

Dark Chocolate & Walnut Brownie (made with single origin chocolate and fresh walnuts) $5.00

Macarons $3.00 per item, all gluten free

Pistachio and Lime macaron (green)

Raspberry macaron (pale pink)

Salted Caramel macaron (cream)

Strawberry (pink)

Double Chocolate (brown w/cocoa dusting)

Hazelnut (cream w/ specks)

Other flavours by arrangement

Small Pastries – ($3.00 per item)

Minimum 10 of each kind

Mini Danish w/ seasonal farmers market fruit OR berries

Mini Croissants

Mini Chocolate Croissants

Mini Escargot/Snail